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№ 3 (95) july—september/2020

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4 A.K. Martusevich, L.K. Kovaleva, L.M. Kozlova, A.N. Tuzhilkin, A.S. Fedotova, S.Yu. Krasnova

Estimation of human saliva structurization at dehydration on the solid substrate

10 N.I. Krikheli, B.V. Yukhananova

Comparison of resin infiltration and microabrasion in the treatment of enamel caries

Oral mucosal diseases

14 A.V. Shumsky, T.N. Modina

Effectiveness of the use of domestic nature immunostimulator in the treatment of herpes oral infection

19 I.A. Galimova, I.N. Usmanova, L.P. Gerasimova, Y. Granot, A.N. Ishmukhametova, M.M. Tuigunov, R.F. Khusnarizanova

Recurrent oral aphthae at the patients with acid-dependent diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Clinical observation

24 N.V. Tiunova, G.B. Lyubomirskii

Clinical and diagnostic aspects and approach to the treatment of oral leukoplakia

32 O.F. Rabinovich, I.M. Rabinovich, V.A. Syomkin, K.V. Umarova

Frequency of oncological pathology detection in the structure of the oral mucosa diseases


36 K.G. Unanyan, I.P. Balmasova, V.N. Tsarev, A.M. Mkrtumyan, K.S. Elbekyan, K.G. Karakov, M.S. Gontarenko, S.D. Arutyunov

Lipid metabolism as microecological and systemic factor in the development of periodontal disease: a review

44 V.V. Erichev, S.I. Risovannij, E.S. Ovcharenko, S.V. Melekhov

Efficiency of application of probiotics for correction of microbiocenosis and cytokine balance of the oral cavity of patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of periodontium


48 I.N. Chechina, Yu.Yu. Gurevich, E.A. Podzorova, T.V. Voblova, K.O. Kudrina

Research of empathy and positive thinking of a dentist as a condition of professional competence


54 A.A. Kulakov, A.S. Kasparov, D.A. Porfenchuk

Mathematical calculation for early functional loading of dental implants

61 T.G. Mahmudov

The stability coefficient of dental implants and its relationship with biomarkers of bone metabolism

66 D.V. Mikhalchenko, Iu.A. Makedonova, E.I. Adamovich, E.B. Marymova, E.V. Venskel

Laser Doppler flowmetry as a method for diagnostics of the patient’s psychophysiological condition at the dental appointment


72 A.A. Muraev, N.A. Guseynov , P.A. Tsay, I.A. Kibardin, D.V. Burenchev, S.S. Ivanov, N.Yu. Oborotistov, M.A. Matuta, N.S. Grachev, S.S. Larin

Artificial neural networks in dental and maxillofacial radiology: a review

82 V.A. Badalyan, Apoyan, D.A. Parinov, V.A. Brutyan, N.V. Elfimova­

Application of the technique of preserving the volume of the alveolar bone by using a fragment of the extracted tooth to cover the alveola in comparison with the alveolas of the extracted teeth healing under the blood clot

88 N.V. Lapina, E.V. Izhnina, V.Yu. Skorikov, S.D. Grishechkin, E.V. Kochurova

Physiotherapeutic treatment in complex therapy of rheumatoid arthritis of a temporomandibular joint

93 A.A. Romanenko, V.V. Chuev, A.A. Buzov, V.P. Chuev

Clinical-laboratory evaluation of osteoplastic material Klipdent. A review


100 O.I. Arsenina, A.V. Komarova, N.V. Popova, A.V. Popova

Chewing muscles functional status assessment in patients with TMJ muscular-articular dysfunction while using of soft occlusal splint

108 E.Е. Olesov, E.V. Ekusheva, A.S. Ivanov, V.N. Olesova, R.S. Zaslavsky, A.A. Popov

Features of the results of electromyography of muscles of the maxillofacial region and psychological examination in persons of stressed professions


113 T.V. Tsareva, L.G. Kirakosyan, D.I. Grachev, S.V. Krasheninnikov, E.A. Chizhmakov, Y.N. Kharah, V.N. Tsarev, S.D. Arutyunov

The clinical significance of adhesion of representatives of the oral microbiota to polymer materials recommended for dental technology of computer milling and 3D printing


119 M.A. Mokhirev, D.A. Volchek, G.B. Ospanova, A.U. Melnikov, G.R. Arutunov, E.V. Pesenko

Orthognathic surgery planning in the complex treatment of the patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Part II

Clinical case

128 A.S. Brago, S.N. Razumova, Yu.S. Kozlova

MTA-based materials in treatment of reversible pulpitis (case report)

Preventive measures

132 I.V. Kuprina, E.A. Kiseleva, T.M. Grishkyan, А.M. Grishkyan, K.S. Kiseleva, D.S. Kiselev

Impact of parental smoking on temporary tooth decay in children

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