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№ 2 (94) april—june/2020

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4 N.I. Krikheli, B.V. Yukhananova

The study of infiltration and microabrasion effects on the tooth surface structure on chemical model of focal enamel demineralization


9 S.V. Vayts, F.Yu. Daurova, L.M. Lomiashvili, Yu.L. Vasil’ev, T.V. Vayts

Alternative tooth restoration

13 L.M. Lomiashvili, D.V. Pogadaev, S.G. Mikhailovsky, S.V. Vayts, O.V. Gateluk, L.A. Simonyan

Tooth as a harmonious object created by nature


18 S.A. Rabinovich, T.D. Babich, I.A. Zinoviev, A.A. Zinovieva, O.P. Dashkova, Yu.L. Vasil’ev

Efficacy of the osteocentric method of intraseptal anesthesia in mandibular molars treatment with dental caries and irreversible pulpitis

24 A.A. Romanenko, V.V. Chuev, A.A. Buzov, V.P. Chuev

Clinical-laboratory evaluation of “VladMiVa” endodontic materials. Part 1: Liquids for root canal treatment


32 T. Ichinohe

Clinical practices and education of intravenous moderate/deep sedation in Japan

36 S.A. Rabinovich, L.A. Zavodilenko, Yu.L. Vasil’ev,

Sedation in dental practice in Russia. Status of the question


40 V.N. Tsarev, E.N. Nikolaeva, M.V. Vitovich, M.I. Mitereva, M.S. Podporin

Biofilm-forming bacteria in atherosclerotic plaques in patients with cardiovascular diseases and chronic periodontitis


46 A.A. Romanenko, V.V. Chuev, A.A. Buzov, V.F. Posokhova, V.P. Chuev

Clinical evaluation of osteoplastic material Bioplast-Dent (a review)

Oral mucosal diseases

56 O.E. Bekjanova, D.M. Alimova, V.R. Qayumova

Hereditary burden of patients with chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis of the oral mucosa


61 A.A. Kulakov, A.S. Kasparov, D.A. Porfenchuk

The early functional loading protocol’s efficiency for various dental implants

67 A.M. Sipkin, T.N. Modina, A.D. Chenosova, O.A. Tonkikh-Podolskaya

Morphological assessment of the bone structure of the alveolar growth in the use of atocticosity and xenomaterial, with the addition of unstable hyaluronic acid

73 T.G. Makhmudov

Markers of osteoblasts and osteoclasts in patients with dental implants


78 T.V. Loseva, A.V. Anokhina

The effectiveness evaluation of the appliance application for class ii malocclusion correction among children

85 S.A. Vasilevsky, M.S. Serdyukov, O.V. Kovaleva, T.S. Stepanova, O.Yu. Kuzminskaya

Experience of application of orthodontic implants in patients who are in orthodontic treatment at the Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics Department

92 E.A. Satygo, E.A. Rubezhova

Indicators of caries and bioelectric activity of chewing muscles in children with orphan diseases under the enteral nutrition


96 S.D. Arutyunov, Y.N. Kharakh

Clinical efficacy of three-unit fixed partial dentures attached to tilted abutment teeth

104 F.K. Dzalaeva, S.O. Chikunov, A.S. Utyuzh, M.V. Mikhailova, M.K. Budunova

Interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of orophacial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders in patients with total and partial tooth loss: a review

110 M.V. Mikhailova, A.V. Yumashev, E.R. Akhmetzhanova, A.A. Neznamov, S.V. Konnov, R.R. Pogosian

Modern manufacturing of complete dentures using CAD/CAM in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with allergy history (clinical case)

115 D.A. Zimankov, A.V. Gus’kov, O.N. Arkharova, A. Ramdani, A.I. Ulitenko

Study of adhesion of temporary fixing cements and its change with the addition of the phytocomposition

121 A.V. Tsimbalistov, A.V. Soboleva, V. N. Tsarev, I.V. Zolotnitsky, L.V. Dubova, N.N. Malginov, P.V. Dobrovolsky, V.P. Chuev, S.D. Arutyunov

Clinical efficacy of removable dentures made of Nolatec photopolymeric base substance


126 V.G. Butova, D.E. Timofeev, L.E. Smirnova, A.Y. Zherebcov

Human resources monitoring at the prosthetic dental departments: Essay

130 I.V. Kuprina, E.A. Kiseleva, T.M. Grishkyan, А.M. Grishkyan, K.S. Kyseleva, D.S. Kiselev

Region prophylaxis of dental fluorosis

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