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№ 1 (93) january—march/2020

Paediatric dentistry

4 A.V. Kovalevskaya, E.V. Shakura, V.V. Novikova, N.P. Shhur, P.A. Leous

Practical realization of the caries prevention program among school children in Bobruisk, Belarus

9 K.O. Kudrina, I.N. Chechina, L.R. Sarap, N.Ju. Dmitrienko, Ju.N. Shilova

Dental morbidity of 12 year old children residing in the territory of Altai region (Russia)


12 S.A. Abdurakhmanova, G.S. Runova, E.V. Ippolitov, M.S. Podporin, B.M. Manuylov, V.N. Tsarev

The combined use of herbal remedies in patients with chronic periodontitis: experimental and applied aspects

18 V.N. Tsarev, A.Y. Drobyshev, E.V. Ippolitov, A.A. Labazanov, M.S. Podporin, T.V. Tsareva, Y.A. Trefilova

Combined antibacterial chemotherapy odontogenic infection—why Ciprofloxacin with Tinidazole?


26 E.V. Surzhenko, A.A. Oganesyan

Characteristic of hemodynamic changes when carrying out of anesthesia using “Anthogyr Miniject” device in therapeutic dentistry


30 Y.A. Samedli, R.Y. Gurbanov, G.H. Aliyeva

Dental status of patients with chronic diseases of biliary system

34 V.F. Prikuls, O.V. Karneeva, I.A. Kim, M.T. Alexandrov, V.I. Kukushkin, D.V. Prikule

Oral hygiene level objectification in preventive screening of patients with ENT-organs pathology using digital optical diagnostics methods

40 Yu.A. Makedonova, A.V. Poroyskaya, A.E. Kriventsev, I.V. Venskel

Acromegaly in therapeutic dentistry. Clinical case


43 G.B. Ospanova, D.A. Volchek, A.M. Dybov, E.V. Pesenko, N.A. Byzov, S.I. Blagonravov

Orthodontic treatment of unilateral crossbite in the early mixed dentition (A case report)

50 S.Yu. Kosyuga, V.S. Sirotkina

X-ray research as one of the diagnostic and planning plants of orthodontic treatment


54 A.A. Kulakov, V.A. Badalyan, A.S. Kasparov, Z.M. Stepanyan, V.A. Brutyan

Bone augmentation of the anterior atrophic maxillae by using a membrane based on a titanium thread

60 M.A. Postnikov, A.M. Nesterov, D.A. Trunin, M.I. Sadykov, R.R. Gabdrafikov, M.R. Sagirov

Possibilities of diagnostics and complex treatment of patients with TMJ disfunctions


64 E.A. Kristal

The role of the gag reflex in orthopedic treatment of patients with complete absence of teeth at the stage of dental examination and impression

70 A.A. Romanenko, A.A. Buzov, V.P. Chuev, L.S. Shchelokova

Polycarboxylate cements is a new possibilities of fixation in orthopedic dentistry

76 S.V. Apresyan, M.S. Terekhov

The comparative analysis of modern methods of manufacturing complete removable dentures

80 I.R. Volchkova, A.V. Yumashev, V.Yu. Doroshina, V.V. Borisov

The effect of cleaning agents for removable prostheses from polyetheretherketone and other thermoplastic materials on the adhesion of representatives of pathogenic oral microflora in a comparative aspect in an in vitro experiment

86 A.F. Petrosyan, I.Yu. Lebedenko

Prevention of fractures of complete removable lamellar dentures with pronounced torus


90 A.A. Zhurina, V.D. Vagner, M.I. Soiher

Organizational aspects of temporary disability examination: A review

94 S.I. Samadova

Indicators of quality of life in patients with caries and periodontal diseases of different intensity and severity

100 R.V. Rotar, I.V. Gunenkova, V.D. Vagner, M.Sh. Pchenushayi

The state of the regulatory framework governing the activities of dental orthodontic technicians and dental laboratories

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