Clinical Dentistry. Practitioner Dentists' Quarterly

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ISSN 1811-153X

When placing ads in 4 issues — one of the covers as a gift!

Ad modules layouts

Cover 60,000 RUR
2nd cover 55,000 RUR
3d cover 55,000 р.RUR
Back cover 60,000 р.RUR
Title page 45,000 RUR
Title spread before TOC 90,000 RUR
Single page before TOC 40,000 RUR
A spread before TOC 75,000 RUR
Single page 35,000 RUR
A spread 54,000 RUR
Half page 18,000 RUR
Quarter page 9,000 RUR


Applicable for ad modules only

While publishing in 2 issues 10%
In combination with advertising article 10%
While publishing in 3 issues 20%
While publishing in 4 issues 30%

Any personalazied discounts are the subject of publisher's descretion.

Advertising articles

Only clinical or the product cases articles acceptable for a 7,500 RUR per page. No discounts.

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